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  • Chairman / Licensee  
  • Bob left ‘skool’ at 16 and became an apprentice with GEC Telecommunication in Coventry specialising in Radio and Line Communication.
  • He then served 14 years in the British Army (Royal Signals) during which he obtained a First Class honours degree in Communications Engineering.  
  • He made a smooth transition into Special Communication/Central Government where he was a World Traveller looking after Emergency Communications for embassies overseas.
  • His interest in broadcast radio was when he was posted to Ascension Island.  He was asked to, initially, look after the MF transmitter for ZD8VR (Volcano Radio).  From this acorn, a mighty oak grew (fnar) he Co-Presented a cult show on Volcano Radio called the Six Pack Special, a play on words.  You older listeners might remember the Six Five Special on TV.
  • When he moved back to Wales in 2000, he became a trustee for the Tircoed Village Trust.  Community Radio at that time was in its infancy.  The trust took a major step and decided to broadcast its first RSL to support the Village Fete.  It was such a success that a resident from the village came to us with an open cheque book to allow us to do it again for a month over the Christmas period.
  • We developed a fantastic working relationship with BBC Wales and Head of News Julie Barton.  
  • Owen Money and Roy Noble broadcast their BBC Wales/Cymru shows from the Radio Tircoed Studio simultaneously.
  • Bob is proud of the fact that Radio Tircoed has gone from strength to strength and they are now awaiting their third term of Community Radio broadcasting.

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