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Geoff Archer Bio

  Geoff first started in 1971 at Radio City (hospital radio) after 3 years of collecting requests Geoff had his opportunity to be a presenter in 1974 when his co- host of request line Doreen Jenkings had a phone call during a Friday show she asked Geoff to take over (ok it was only for about 10 mins but hey it was a start!) shorty after Doreen along with 3 others left Radio City to join Swansea Sound. After a few months Geoff took full control of the Friday show and too add to it all he was given the job of Programme Controller  Geoff biggest achievement must be that of being a co-radio commentator for radio city at the vetch field he, along with Paul Rogers started the commentaries when the swans were struggling in the old division 4 and all the way up to what was the top of football league 1(now known as the premiere league) and all the way back down again!!! he took a long break from radio (10 years) and when asked by a certain Chris Hancock if he fancied helping out at a Community Radio he jumped at the chance it all started off with a "Trial Run" for a week which would end on the Villages Fete(2008) within a few weeks after the trial run he was asked by Chairman Bob Walker if he would like to be Programme controller so the task was to get broadcasters to do another week of programmes tough task but it was done Radio Tircoed started full transmission on December 1st, 2008 and by this time Geoff was Station Director a position he held for 18 months a post he felt a privilege to hold when the station went full time broadcasting       

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