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  • i started to have a keen interest in radio from a young age, and had my first taste of presenting from the age of 7 when i helped to present the childrens program on saturday morning on swansea sound, 
  • after that i would ring up and won lots of prizes and use to go to every outside broadcast i could,back at christmas 1988, the older children at my school for the blinnd at bridgend did a radio show, i was delighted and thought it can be done, during the week when i slept in school a former school friend and i would do pretending radio shows in our bedrooms, also i would do them when i was home, when i would tell people what i wanted to do later on be a radio presenter they would say not a thing blind people do so forget it when i finished in swansea college i took up public speaking, and this one sunday i was booked to speak in a church in manselton, i knew that margaret that had booked me was involved in hospital radio, so asked her about joining at first she took me down to see how i would get on, and ended up joining full time, started off by collecting and presenting request and did that for most of my time there, as loved chatting to the people then one thursday one of the presenters was off, so i was asked to cover the show with some help, after that i was given my own tuesday show between 8 annd 10,and presented most programs on the station over tthe years, 
  • i love presenting on radio tircoed, and so grateful to all who help me and made my dream come true over the years i have interviewed stan stennitt, owen money chris needs, and steve balsamo, and a lot of talented singers and interesting people, and still get excited doing my shows,  

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